Nintendo go VANS!!!

As some of you personally may have already known, JC LOVE video games. I don't just mean LOVE, I actually LOVE & appreciate Games. I'm a cool Geek to this day, I genuinely spend a good source of my free time bashing buttons. One thing you need to understand, and that it's this; Thousands of adults spend the rest of their life designing games and so do music composers designing High stand music for us gamers to enjoy and be entertained by so don't give me a cynical face -__- because you judge and yet don't understand.

I'm not like any of the Hip Hop/Pop artist that just claim to play computer games, because at the end of the day, everyone now plays computer games. I know my stuff and I have been playing games from the age of 3, so I know my fair share of knowledge about games and to name a few: Megaman X, Sonic the Hedgehog, RayMan,Mario Franchise, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, Street fighter and the list goes on towards now with Kingdom Hearts, FF13, Halo & Gears.

Any ways lets get back to the topic:

I'm also a fan of fashion and these Vans make a Retro fashion statement.

Nick Tonk is the Genius behind these Zelda designed VANS (courtesy of IGN)

Nick doesn't charge MONEY, he designs shoes as a HOBBY and he paints various designs and styles of his own free will and I personally think that these will be embraced by many gamers a like.

Look at my babies, I need to get a pair of my own, designed like this.

In the coming future you'll see me flashing a limited VANS with a retro design, like the above. (((Watch this Space))) O_o

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