Fresh 2 Def (Super Dupa Supra)

Supra Vaider:

When it comes to clothes,I'll admit, I'm not the person to go to for help however when it's about me, everything just seems to find it's way inside my wardrobe I mean everything . . . I can't help the fact that as a Guy I love to shop and boy do I shop,I think it's a trait I got from my mum being the only male in the household but hey it has it's benefits and the appeal is nice (Ladies).

Any ways lets get back to these D.O.P.E Trainers "Royal Black,Blue Leather Vaiders"
I stumble upon these in Officers Club in Central London (I'm not Rich but I will be one day ;)

I am not WINDOW SHOPPING!!! ¬¬ . . . I actually do have a pair of these and I bought these as soon as I saw them in Selfridges in Central LDN :P

The smooth interior and design is unlike any other of it's Supra predecessors,I even tease my producer "Loop King" because he has the original blacks he bought whilst in New York but I managed to find a newer edition for the same price . . . Now thats what you call a bargain mate lol

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